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Coastal Processes & Shoreline Management

Coastal Processes

SNo. Name Designation Specialization E-mail
1 Dr. R. S Kankara Scientist F & Group Head Mathematical modelling & GIS applications for coastal/nearshore hydrodynamics, sediment transport, coastal vulnerability assessment & preparation of Integrated Coastal Zone/ Shoreline/ Oil Spill Management Plans. kankara[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Dr. S. Chenthamil Selvan Project Scientist-C Geology, Geomorphology, Coastal Hazards, RS&GIS for coastal applications tamil[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
3 Dr. Noujas V Project Scientist-C Coastal processes & numerical modelling noujas[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Mr. K. Prabhu Project Scientist-C Web application development, Web GIS, Data base management prabhu[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Mr. S. Sathish Project Scientist-C Geomorphology, Remote sensing and GIS sathish[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
6 Mr. B. Rajan Project Scientist-B  Morphological changes, Geomorphology & remote sensing rajan[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
7 Mrs. S. Dhanalakshmi Project Scientist-B Remote Sensing & GIS applications for coastal hazards dhanalakshmi[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
8 Mrs. M. Umamaheswari Project Scientist-B Coastal Hydrodynamics, sediment transport and numerical modelling umamaheswari[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
9 Ms. Padmini G Project Scientist-B Remote Sensing & GIS - coastal application and Coastal Vulnerability padmini[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
10 Mr. Buckle S Project Scientist-B Coastal processes, Engineering & Management, Numerical Modelling buckle[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
11 Mr. Ateeth Shetty Project Scientist-B Remote sensing and GIS, Coastal Processes & Sedimentology  ateeth[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
12 Mr. S. Subburaj Project Scientist-B Coastal Processes, Coastal Survey & Numerical Modelling subburaj[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
13 Mr. P. Thanabalan Project Scientist-B Remote sensing and GIS for Coastal Applications thanabalan[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in