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Coastal Hazards

Coastal Hazards

Development of Coastal Flood Warning System  

Chennai Flood Warning System was developed as a multi institutional project initiated by Office of Principal Scientific Advisor involving IIT-Bombay (Lead), IIT- Chennai, IRS-Anna University, IISC Bangalore and MoES Institutes NCCR, IMD, NCMRWF, INCOIS, Govt of Tamil Nadu.  A webGIS based  Chennai Flood Warning System (C_FLOWS) was built in-house and is to be made operational by Govt of Tamil Nadu. Mirror units of C-FLOWS will be placed in the office of the Commissioner of Revenue Administration (CRA), Greater Chennai Corporation, Govt of Tamil Nadu and IMD, as per the decision taken by Ministry of Earth Sciences and Principal Scientific Advisor. The institute has developed capabilities in modeling and development of tools for flood warning system and such systems can be replicated to other flood prone areas like Mumbai, Wayanad etc.  Efforts are made to closely coordinate with Ministry of Urban Development for implementation of such systems in other parts of the country.

Impact based forecasting for Tropical Cyclone

  • NCCR supports Indian Metrological Department (IMD) in the development of an  operational Multi hazard Early Warning System (MHEWS) and  Impact based forecasting for tropical cyclones is being attempted as part of this work.
  • Indo-UK  Collaboration under the Newton-Bhabha fund Weather and Climate Science for Service partnership Programme, NCCR is involved in studies related to  Risk based forecasting and high impact weather/seasonal events.​


Decision support system for climate change impact assessment and management in coastal areas

The work integrates the output of downscaled climate, circulation, morphodynamic models to represent the exposure to climate change hazards (e.g., Sea level rise, flooding, erosion) and includes the analysis of site-specific environmental and socio-economic vulnerability of coastal systems to the impact of hazards (e.g., land use, geomorphology, vegetation cover, population density). A GIS-based Decision support system for Coastal climate change impact assessment will be developed that will provide information on regional/local vulnerabilities and risks to guide decision-makers in planning appropriate adaptation strategies.

Dissemination of Scientific tools and technology to the State Government to aid in their Disaster Risk  Reduction (DRR) activities

  • NCCR and Dept of Fisheries, Govt. of Tamil Nadu have developed  a WebGIS based decision support system and mobile based app (Thoondil) with data from IMD, INCOIS  as a reach and rescue tool for the fishermen specially during hazard times.
  • NCCR and Kozhikode administration, Government with Kerala have initiated work on developing  geospatial expert systems  for management of coastal resources and disasters in the district.