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The Objective of the training facility is to to enhance applications of new scientific tools and techniques in various disciplines of Coastal Zone Management and Ocean Sciences and Technology.
View of ICMAM Training Facility
The ICMAM Training Centre and the first two weeks training programme on "Application of GIS in the management of Coastal Critical Habitats " was inaugurated on 13th August, 2001 by Dr.Harsh K Gupta, Secretary, Department of Ocean Development, Govt. of India. The Training Centre is equipped with hi-tech multimedia audio-visual system for exclusive student-teacher interaction, computer conferencing among select group of students, projection of output from each student's computer through twin LCD projectors etc. The other facilities available are digitizers, plotters etc. About 25 trainees can be accommodated in a session. The training hall comprises of a multimedia classroom, which is first of its kind in South Asia. About 25 high-end workstation PCs adorn the hall and each student will be provided with an individual machine for the entire course. Two high-resolution LCD projectors are also available so that two different outputs can be projected at the same time enabling presentation of different aspects of the same case.
The following training programmes are conducted at regular intervals at the ICMAM training Centre.
1. Applications of GIS in the management of Coastal Critical Habitats(2 weeks), 2. Applications of GIS in the management of aquatic pollution(1 week), 3. Shoreline Management(1 week), 4. Integrated Coastal Zone Management(1 week), 5 Sediment Transport in Near Shore Areas(1 week), 6. Satellite Oceanography(2 weeks).
Apart from in-house experts , faculty are drawn from the following premier institutions to give lectures in the training programmes.
    • Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad
    • National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad
    • Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.
    • Institute for Ocean Management, Anna University, Chennai
    • Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, Chennai
    • Centre for Environmental Studies, Anna University, Chennai
    • Madras University, Chennai
    • CESS, Trivandrum
Apart from lecture sessions, equal importance will be given to practical sessions where hands on exercises will be given on
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Image processing of digital satellite data
  • Sediment transport in the nearshore waters
  • Analysis of Shoreline Changes
  • Processing of satellite data for oceanographic applications
  • Oil spill modelling

Three days are allotted for individual project work during the two weeks course on "Applications of GIS in the management of Coastal Critical Habitat". Trainees can use the data available with us or could bring their own data for their project work so as their convenience.


IFS officals who attended the training programme on "Integrated Coastal Zone Management"
Till date we have conducted about 30 training programmes and have trained 350 participants from various coastal states. The trainees include officials from the various Departments of the Central and State Government , Lecturers, Research Scholars and Students

For more details regarding the training programme, contact :

National Institute of Ocean Technology Campus
Velacherry- Tambaram Main Road,
Pallikaranai, Chennai 600 100
Tel : +91 44 22460274 Fax: +91 44 22460657